Student Services

New Student Orientation

Whether classified as full-time or part-time, we enroll all AESA Prep International students in the AESA Orientation Course before their official enrollment date begins. This course will highlight relevant school policies and procedures, explain student expectations, offer tips on how to successfully complete coursework on time and help students familiarize themselves with the learning management system we use.

We will also meet with students and parents via Skype to explain how the program works and address any questions or concerns. We provide parents with their own login that lets them track progress and grades. We require all students to complete the orientation process before giving them access to their courses. Parents should also take an active role in the process, and feel free to reach out with any questions at any time.

Academic Advising

All full-time AESA students will work with our academic counselors to develop an individualized academic plan (IAP) that matches the student’s interests and ensures they are able to successfully complete the AESA program on time. Our counselors will also examine an incoming student’s academic record and give credit, wherever possible, for courses the student has satisfactorily completed at previous schools. Academic counseling is an ongoing process, and we are happy to advise students continuously as they progress through the AESA academic program.

AESA Prep International will also assign an adult advocate to each student upon enrollment. The advocate’s overall purpose is to provide encouragement and support to the student throughout their educational experience and serve as the primary point of contact for resolving any issues the student may have.

University Admissions

As our full-time students approach graduation, our academic counselors will guide them through the application and admissions process. We will also help student athletes navigate the NCAA eligibility process, which is necessary for those who hope to play sports at university. Our goal is to help students gain admittance into the university of their choice. By the time they graduate, they will be prepared for success in university; we also want to make sure they can get their foot in the door.  

Student Services



AESA can also provide a range of specialized services, such as SAT and ACT test preparation, scouting for athletic scholarships to top universities, and coordinating private tutoring lessons. If you have any other ideas about services that you would like us to provide, please let us know

Test Preparation

AESA can help students prepare for the two university entrance exams, the SAT and the ACT. We can arrange lessons for students via Skype, or in-person at select locations. We offer one-on-one lessons and group lessons at discounted rates.

Scholarship Assistance

AESA can help student athletes find athletic scholarships to universities in the United States. Student athletes have worked extra hard throughout their academic career, and we believe that as graduation approaches, it is important they use that talent to create opportunities in higher education. We will work with students individually to help them find these scholarship opportunities. Our goal is to find several options for each student.  

Tutorial Services

Whether students need a one-time review session or regular lessons, AESA Prep International can help you arrange customized tutorial services. We connect our students with certified teachers and subject-matter specialists to help them master key skills and concepts.

If you are interested in tutorial services, please contact us. We will personalize the tutorial service to meet your needs. Keep in mind that you are welcome to contact us at any point during your studies to contract tutorial services. For example, perhaps you have already started the semester, but soon realize that you need weekly math lessons in your Algebra class; contact us and we will coordinate regular sessions with a tutor via Skype. Or perhaps you need help with a particular project in English; contact us and we will coordinate a one-time session to help you with the project.

Pricing depends on the level of support contracted. Once we have spoken to you about your tutorial needs, we will offer a quote based on your customized tutorial plan. We can also coordinate in-person tutorial services where we have partner programs.

Student Services

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