Student Services

Welcome Orientation: A Seamless Start

At AESA Prep International, every student's journey begins with a personalized onboarding experience. Our Orientation Course, mandatory for both full-time and part-time learners, sets the stage for success. It covers essential school policies, student expectations, and effective strategies for managing coursework. Additionally, we introduce you to our digital learning environment, ensuring you're comfortable and ready to thrive from day one. Personalized sessions with students and parents via Zoom complement this experience, offering a platform for queries and fostering a collaborative educational partnership. Parents gain access to a dedicated portal to monitor progress, ensuring a transparent and supportive learning journey.

Individualized Academic Planning

Our academic advisors are dedicated to crafting a personalized academic plan (IAP) tailored to each student's passions, ensuring a path to timely program completion. We recognize prior achievements, transferring credits when applicable, to honor your educational journey. This ongoing support extends throughout your AESA experience, with an assigned adult advocate for each student to motivate, guide, and assist with any challenges encountered.

Navigating University Admissions

As graduation approaches, our counselors provide expert guidance through the university application and NCAA eligibility processes, aiming to secure your place in the institution of your choice. Our holistic approach ensures you're not just academically prepared for university but also strategically positioned for admission success.

Student Services

Specialized Support Services

Test Preparation

AESA can help students prepare for the two university entrance exams, the SAT and the ACT. We can arrange lessons for students via Zoom, or in-person at select locations. We offer one-on-one lessons and group lessons at discounted rates.

Scholarship Assistance

AESA can help student athletes find athletic scholarships to universities in the United States. Student athletes have worked extra hard throughout their academic career, and we believe that as graduation approaches, it is important they use that talent to create opportunities in higher education. We will work with students individually to help them find these scholarship opportunities. Our goal is to find several options for each student.  

Tutorial Services

Whether students need a one-time review session or regular lessons, AESA Prep International can help you arrange customized tutorial services. We connect our students with certified teachers and subject-matter specialists to help them master key skills and concepts.

If you are interested in tutorial services, please contact us. We will personalize the tutorial service to meet your needs. Keep in mind that you are welcome to contact us at any point during your studies to contract tutorial services. For example, perhaps you have already started the semester, but soon realize that you need weekly math lessons in your Algebra class; contact us and we will coordinate regular sessions with a tutor via Zoom. Or perhaps you need help with a particular project in English; contact us and we will coordinate a one-time session to help you with the project.

Your Invitation to Collaborate

Your feedback drives our service offerings. If there's something more you need, let's discuss how we can incorporate it. AESA Prep International is committed to providing a supportive, innovative, and equitable learning environment, celebrating diversity and fostering digital citizenship through our global, multicultural community. We're small by design but vast in ambition, ensuring every student receives the creative, flexible, and individualized support needed to excel academically and pursue their passions without compromise.

Student Services

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