AESA Prep International is Cognia (formerly AdvancED) accredited, the largest non-profit, non-partisan, international accreditation organization in the world. Cognia awards accreditation to only the finest educational institutions and is based on a set of rigorous, evidence-based, learner-centric standards. Cognia conducts thorough, comprehensive, multiple day long on-site reviews every five years. Cognia’s largest community of educational professionals not only ensures educational intuitions meet the highest of educational standards but aims to continually improve its’ certified educational institutions.

We encourage you to visit the Cognia website. You can learn more about how Cognia operates, its’ rigorous standards, a list of accredited schools, its’ continuous improvement plan for educational institutions, and so much more.

We are incredibly proud to have earned such a prestigious accreditation!

Accredited Cognia
Cognia Accreditation


AESA Prep International is also NCAA Approved. This approval is critical for any student-athlete wishing to attend/play for a college or university in the United States. In order to be eligible to play a sport at the university level, NCAA requires all students to have completed coursework, particularly core credits (Math, English, Science, and Social Studies), that are NCAA approved. If a student athlete is taking/or has taken non-approved NCAA coursework, he or she will not be eligible to play in the NCAA.

DIPLOMA MILLS – are “schools” that appear to be legitimate but are solely aimed at awarding diplomas to students for quick profits. These schools’ diplomas hold no weight, offers sub-par coursework, and thus are not recognized by the NCAA or colleges and universities. Diplomas mills are extremely dangerous and end up costing students and parents valuable time and money.

NCAA Approved