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AESA Prep International is a private, college-prep school offering online educational programs for 8th through 12th-grade students. 

Our educational model provides students with the flexibility they need to pursue their extracurricular passions and our robust curriculum prepares them for success at the university level.

We are small by design, which allows us to develop real relationships with students and their families.  Our school is accredited worldwide by Cognia and our core curriculum is NCAA-approved.

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Our faculty and staff cultivate real relationships with all our students. We guide them to success in their academics and help them navigate the road to university.


AESA’s rigorous academics prepare students for success at the university level, whether they plan to go to the USA, Europe, or anywhere around the world. Many of our student athletes seek scholarship opportunities to universities in the US, and we have extensive experience helping students follow this path.

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AESA Prep International works with students and partner institutions all over the world. If you’d like to partner with AESA to enhance your school, sports academy, or performing arts academy, please contact us.

About API

From 2015, our school forms part of the AESA International School System, headquartered at its flagship campus in Austin, Texas.


Our academics prepare students for success at the university level and encourage their pursuit of individual passions.

Faculty & Staff

Our dedicated educators come from diverse backgrounds, bringing valuable experience and unwavering passion to their respective fields of expertise.