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Welcome to AESA Prep International, a distinguished online college-prep school recognized by AdvancED and approved by the NCAA. Catering to grades 8 through 12, we offer a dynamic blend of online programs and global blended learning opportunities, designed to empower you wherever you are in the world.

Our educational model provides students with the flexibility they need to pursue their extracurricular passions and our robust curriculum prepares them for success at the university and professional levels.

We reinforce our world-class academics with extensive support services to enhance student learning and encourage successful completion of coursework.


  • Globally Recognized Accreditation: AESA is fully accredited by Cognia (AdvancED), ensuring our curriculum meets high standards of educational quality and effectiveness, and is NCAA Approved for student-athletes.
  • "Small-by-Design" Philosophy: small student-teacher ratio and individual attention.
  • Robust Curriculum: Our comprehensive, college-preparatory curriculum is designed to challenge and inspire, laying a solid foundation for university-level success and lifelong learning. Our curriculum is handcrafted by your teachers and not purchased learning content and question banks.
  • Individualized Support: Each student benefits from personalized academic counseling and tailored support services, ensuring they receive the guidance needed for success and well-being.
  • Navigating College Admissions: our counselors provide expert guidance through the university application and NCAA eligibility processes, aiming to secure your place in the institution of your choice. 
  • Community and Connection: AESA fosters a strong sense of community among students, faculty, and families through interactive platforms, virtual events, and collaborative projects, ensuring a supportive and engaging educational experience.


AESA Prep International
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Student-Teacher Ratio

Faculty from 10 Countries

leadership opportunities for students

Flexible & Traditional Schedules

2020 Avg SAT Score: 1260

World's best marine biology program

Positive & 
inclusive community culture


Our Story

In the vibrant community of Austin, Texas, AESA Prep Academy was born from a vision deeply rooted in the confluence of academic excellence and athletic ambition. Barbara Garza, a former Dean of Students and venerated educator with 40 years of experience, observed the educational landscape through a unique lens. As a mother to twin sons, Adrian and Michael, both high-achieving tennis players who dedicated themselves to daily practice and frequently traveled for tournaments, Barbara Garza saw firsthand how they were overwhelmed by the dual pressures of their tennis ambitions and educational commitments. Barbara recognized the critical need for an educational model that didn't force students to choose between academic rigor and athletic aspiration.

This led to the foundation of AESA Prep Academy in 2009, a sanctuary designed to offer a balanced and flexible educational framework. Initially conceived to support local Texan student athletes, AESA's reputation for academic excellence and a nurturing environment quickly spread. What began with just four students, including her own sons, soon attracted a diverse array of scholars, athletes, and artists. By 2012, AESA had evolved beyond its original mission, welcoming purely academic students drawn by its exceptional education, vibrant culture, and dedicated faculty.

This shift in student demographics led to a reevaluation of AESA's foundational acronym, broadening from "Academic Excellence for the Student Athlete" to "Academic Excellence for the Scholar, Athlete, and Artist," reflecting the diverse talents within its community. As AESA's philosophy resonated on a global scale, the academy expanded its reach, offering online programs and blended learning opportunities in locations as varied as Barcelona, Spain, and Nassau, Bahamas.

Today, AESA stands as a testament to the vision of providing a balanced, world-class education that doesn't compromise on extracurricular excellence. It champions a holistic approach, preparing students for success at the university level and beyond, while encouraging them to embrace diversity and a global perspective.

Barbara Garza's legacy, rooted in the belief that education should adapt to the student's needs, not the other way around, continues to inspire AESA's mission. A mother wanting the best for her children led to an international school system that embodies the enduring commitment to fostering academic excellence, athletic dedication, and artistic exploration among its students. Through its innovative model, AESA Prep Academy has redefined what it means to educate the next generation, ensuring that every student can pursue their dreams without limits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does AESA stand for?

AESA is a loose acronym that stands for Academic Excellence for the Scholar, Athlete, and Artist.

The acronym is also used in API’s sister school, a physical ‘brick-and-mortar’ private college prep school located in Austin, TX. USA.

What Type of School is API?

AESA Prep International is a private online college prep school. API’s main goal is to deliver an elite academic education and to ensure API students attend top-level colleges and universities.

Unlike most online schools, API is SACS Accredited and NCAA Approved

Are you accredited?


API is SACS Accredited (the same accreditation earned by the University of Texas at Austin) which is awarded by AdvancED ; the premier educational accreditation organization in the world.

API is also NCAA Approved, meaning for any student-athlete seeking to play a NCAA sport at a college or university in the United States, he or she will be able to. Many online schools are NOT NCAA approved, meaning non-NCAA approved credits earned by students will not be accepted by the NCAA and those students ultimately will not be eligible to participate in NCAA sports.

What Grade Levels Does API Provide?

API currently serves students grades 9th – 12th (American grade-level system). API is currently developing content for grades 6th – 8th.

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AESA Prep Academy, SACS accredited and NCAA approved, was created to fulfill an overwhelming desire and need – the need for an elite college prep school that is sized appropriately and is flexible enough to address individual student needs. AESA provides world-class academics based upon National Standards... Read more