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Academic Excellence
for the


is an AdvancED accredited and NCAA Approved private college-prep school offering online educational programs for 9th through 12th grade students. Our partners also offer blended learning programs in select locations around the world.

Our educational model provides students with the flexibility they need to pursue their extracurricular passions and our robust curriculum prepares them for success at the university level.

We reinforce our world-class academics with extensive support services to enhance student learning and encourage successful completion of coursework


AESA Prep International
Quick Facts


Student-Teacher Ratio

Faculty from 10 Countries

leadership opportunities for students

Flexible & Traditional Schedules

2020 Avg SAT Score: 1260

World's best marine biology program

Positive & 
inclusive community culture


AESA Prep International?

  • Small class sizes and ample teacher attention
  • Individualized, self-paced learning
  • Proprietary accredited curriculum hand crafted by the teachers
  • Intuitive, engaging, interactive digital platform
  • College application, student support, academic and sports scholarships guidance
  • Opportunity to study abroad
  • Cognia (formerly AdvancED/ SACS) accredited with a well above average score & NCAA Approved

Frequently Asked Questions

What does AESA stand for?

AESA is a loose acronym that stands for Academic Excellence for the Scholar, Athlete, and Artist.

The acronym is also used in API’s sister school, a physical ‘brick-and-mortar’ private college prep school located in Austin, TX. USA.

What Type of School is API?

AESA Prep International is a private online college prep school. API’s main goal is to deliver an elite academic education and to ensure API students attend top-level colleges and universities.

Unlike most online schools, API is SACS Accredited and NCAA Approved

Are you accredited?


API is SACS Accredited (the same accreditation earned by the University of Texas at Austin) which is awarded by AdvancED ; the premier educational accreditation organization in the world.

API is also NCAA Approved, meaning for any student-athlete seeking to play a NCAA sport at a college or university in the United States, he or she will be able to. Many online schools are NOT NCAA approved, meaning non-NCAA approved credits earned by students will not be accepted by the NCAA and those students ultimately will not be eligible to participate in NCAA sports.

What Grade Levels Does API Provide?

API currently serves students grades 9th – 12th (American grade-level system). API is currently developing content for grades 6th – 8th.

Letter from

AESA Prep Academy, SACS accredited and NCAA approved, was created to fulfill an overwhelming desire and need – the need for an elite college prep school that is sized appropriately and is flexible enough to address individual student needs. AESA provides world-class academics based upon National Standards... Read more