Tuition and Fees



Students may enroll full-time and earn a high school diploma from AESA Prep International. Or they may enroll part-time and earn credit towards their diploma at their current high school. Full-time students are students concurrently enrolled in four or more core academic classes at a time.

Coursework for full-year courses is always divided in two semesters: “A” and “B.” Students will have five months to complete all their coursework for the semester. Students may request a one-month extension, available at an additional fee of $150. Please note: extensions are never guaranteed and only granted at the discretion of AESA Prep International’s administration. 

Tuition and Fees
One-Semester Course

$ 600

Full-Year Course

$ 1100


$ 150



In addition to tuition, the following fees may apply:

  • Books: Students will be required to purchase all textbooks. We use electronic textbooks for all our courses, which contain additional features and multimedia content.
  • P.E. Certification: 2 credits of Physical Education are required for all students pursuing a diploma. However, AESA may waive the physical education requirement for students who are currently involved in rigorous extracurricular athletics training. This requires a certified letter from the coach and a one-time fee of $100 to waive the P.E. requirement for the entire academic year. AESA can waive up to 3 credits for Physical Education. 
  • Some science courses may require students to purchase lab materials.
Tuition and Fees



If a student withdraws before the official enrollment date, AESA will reimburse 75% of the tuition. AESA does not provide any refunds after the official enrollment date. In the case of a medical hardship or family emergency, please contact us.

Tuition and Fees