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AESA Prep International

AESA Prep International (API) is a distinguished online college-preparatory school, proudly accredited by AdvancED and approved by the NCAA. We specialize in delivering a comprehensive curriculum for driven scholars, athletes, and artists in grades 9 through 12. Our unique blended learning programs, offered in partnership with select institutions worldwide, ensure a flexible yet rigorous educational experience. Echoing the esteemed curriculum of our sister school, AESA Prep Academy in Austin, Texas, API empowers students to excel academically without compromising their extracurricular passions.

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API’s educational approach perfectly suits students seeking unparalleled flexibility alongside a top-tier education. Our program caters to ambitious athletes, including tennis players, golfers, soccer players, equestrians, gymnasts, water polo, and more, who dedicate countless hours to training and competition. Traditional schooling's rigid schedules conflict with the demanding routines of these dedicated individuals. At API, we bridge this gap by offering adaptable scheduling without compromising on academic excellence, ensuring readiness for elite colleges and universities globally. The vibrancy and dedication of API's teachers are unparalleled, making our online environment as enriching and interactive as any physical classroom.

API champions the belief that pursuing one’s passions should not come at the expense of receiving a first-rate education. Here, students don’t have to choose between their dreams and academic advancement; they are empowered to achieve both seamlessly.

Our Story

In the vibrant community of Austin, Texas, AESA Prep Academy was born from a vision deeply rooted in the confluence of academic excellence and athletic ambition. Barbara Garza, a former Dean of Students and venerated educator with 40 years of experience, observed the educational landscape through a unique lens. As a mother to twin sons, Adrian and Michael, both high-achieving tennis players who dedicated themselves to daily practice and frequently traveled for tournaments, Barbara Garza saw firsthand how they were overwhelmed by the dual pressures of their tennis ambitions and educational commitments. Barbara recognized the critical need for an educational model that didn't force students to choose between academic rigor and athletic aspiration.

This led to the foundation of AESA Prep Academy in 2009, a sanctuary designed to offer a balanced and flexible educational framework. Initially conceived to support local Texan student athletes, AESA's reputation for academic excellence and a nurturing environment quickly spread. What began with just four students, including her own sons, soon attracted a diverse array of scholars, athletes, and artists. By 2012, AESA had evolved beyond its original mission, welcoming purely academic students drawn by its exceptional education, vibrant culture, and dedicated faculty.

This shift in student demographics led to a reevaluation of AESA's foundational acronym, broadening from "Academic Excellence for the Student Athlete" to "Academic Excellence for the Scholar, Athlete, and Artist," reflecting the diverse talents within its community. As AESA's philosophy resonated on a global scale, the academy expanded its reach, offering online programs and blended learning opportunities in locations as varied as Barcelona, Spain, and Nassau, Bahamas.

The API Design

Today, AESA stands as a testament to the vision of providing a balanced, world-class education that doesn't compromise on extracurricular excellence. It champions a holistic approach, preparing students for success at the university level and beyond, while encouraging them to embrace diversity and a global perspective.

Barbara Garza's legacy, rooted in the belief that education should adapt to the student's needs, not the other way around, continues to inspire AESA's mission. A mother wanting the best for her children led to an international school system that embodies the enduring commitment to fostering academic excellence, athletic dedication, and artistic exploration among its students. Through its innovative model, AESA Prep Academy has redefined what it means to educate the next generation, ensuring that every student can pursue their dreams without limits.

Our Educational Philosophy

At AESA Prep International (API), we champion the fusion of academic excellence with the flexibility required for a diverse, global community of students to pursue their passions without compromise. API stands as a beacon of innovation in education, offering a small-by-design, supportive environment that tailors learning to each student's unique needs and aspirations. Our programs, designed for the creative and the ambitious, ensure that the pursuit of extracurricular passions is balanced with a rigorous academic curriculum.

API's curriculum is not just about providing digital citizenship and engaging, real-world lessons; it's about crafting an individualized, equitable educational journey that meets the highest standards set by the NCAA and AdvancED. We're dedicated to preparing students for university-level studies and beyond, with options to take individual courses or pursue a recommended or distinguished diploma.

Our certified instructors offer personalized, differentiated support, acting as mentors who foster frequent, valuable communication. This approach sets API apart, ensuring that flexibility doesn't come at the expense of quality or connection. We're committed to a modernized digital education that encourages creative thinking and problem-solving skills, vital for success in today's interconnected, multicultural world.

Reflecting the esteemed ethos of our sister school, AESA Prep Academy in Austin, Texas, API delivers a global, innovative educational experience. Our hand-crafted curriculum is the result of collaboration among experts highly qualified not just in their subjects but in nurturing a passion for learning. At API, we're redefining excellence in online education, making it supportive, tailored, and innovative, without sacrificing the personal touch that makes learning enjoyable and profoundly impactful.

The API Design

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