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Letter from head of school

A Letter From Barbara Garza

Head of School

Welcome to AESA Prep International (API)! This revolutionary digital school was created to fulfill an overwhelming need for an elite online college-prep school that reinforces its curriculum with individualized student attention and services. API teachers have created all of our curriculum. Many online schools purchase their curriculum from educational data bases so you will see the same information and questions used by multiple schools. The same teacher that creates a course for API, also creates all of the tests as well; all aspects of the course.

Letter from head of school

AESA Prep International curriculum mirrors that of its sister school AESA Prep Academy, a traditional private college-prep school located in Austin, Texas, USA. Our curriculum provides world-class academics that are based upon standards derived from long standing American educational organizations, such as the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. SAT and ACT information is also build into API curriculum.

All digital learning institutions by their very nature accommodate for a student’s training and traveling time and provides the freedom for students to pursue their extra-curricular passions. However, the majority of online schools do not provide a high level of student support, which is imperative to the student’s overall success and completion of the course in a timely manner. This is where AESA Prep International excels!

AESA continuously monitors student progress and notifies a student’s parents weekly to ensure the student is on track to finish the semester on time. API provides additional tutoring services for students in need of extra assistance by enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers. AESA Prep International is different from they regular online school. We have rigorous academics and provide real, ongoing support for our students! We are smaller by design to ensure our students do not fall between the cracks and go unnoticed.

As a student what do you gain from becoming an AESA Prep International student? You will gain: the freedom to pursue your passions while participating in a robust academic college prep school; a visually and academically stimulating program of courses taught by enthusiastic, and knowledgeable teachers; interaction with your teacher and fellow students on a regular basis; involved college admissions counseling; a way to participate in API’s graduation ceremony; and a great source of additional tutoring if needed!

Our students are proud to be part of API!! Go Aussies!!! Our mascot is the Australian Shepard, known for their intelligence, grit, and determination.

Finally, there is an online school that has great academics, real communication and real individualized attention for students. AESA Prep International truly offers life-altering experiences for our students and their families.


Barbara Garza
Head of School
AESA Prep International

Contact Barbara [email protected] or +1 512-774-4822 or 512-560-5584.