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We are delighted that you are interested in AESA Prep International! We value our distinctive learning community and seek students of good character who will contribute to this unique and vibrant digital learning school.

Apply for Admission



Step 1: Prospective students and their families should first contact [email protected] to express their interest. Please let us know if you are interested in enrolling as a full-time or part-time student. We will also be happy to schedule a Zoom call with you to answer general questions.

Step 2: All applicants must pay a one-time application fee of $50. If the prospective student is admitted to AESA Prep International, this amount will be credited towards their tuition payment.

Step 3: All prospective students and their families will need to submit a completed Application Form (can find form below). Full-time students intending to graduate from AESA will also need to submit the Request for Records Form, academic transcripts going back to the beginning of the 8th grade, and at least one letter of recommendation.

Step 4: AESA will review the application materials and send a final decision to the prospective student and his/her family as soon as possible.



Students may be asked to interview with the Director of AESA Prep International via Zoom as part of the admissions process.

Once a student is enrolled with AESA Prep International, he/she may increase or decrease their course load without reapplying.

Students may enroll in AESA Prep International courses any time during the school year. 

Students must be enrolled in at least 4 courses concurrently to be considered full-time.

To expedite the application process, you may send unofficial copies of academic transcripts, as receiving the official records may take some time. (This allows us to review academic information in a timely manner. However, we will still need to contact the student’s current school to receive an official request, which allows us to become the student’s school of record for our full-time students who are planning to graduate from AESA Prep International.)

Apply for Admission

Full-Time Applicants'


  1. Request for Records Form
  2. Official Transcripts (including grades from the most recent grading period)
  3. Two Letters of Recommendation from a former Language Arts and Mathematics Teacher or a coach, trainer, or another adult who knows the student well.
  4. Application form
Apply for Admission


Application Form

Step 1 of 5 - Applicant Information

  • Applicant Information

  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Include country code (example +34 for Spain, +44 for the UK, more information)
  • Use commas to separate them if more than one
  • Use commas to separate them if more than one
  • One language per line, please use the following format:
    Language, Score
    English, 1
    Spanish, 2
    more information about the ILR scale