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AESA Prep International
Partnerships & Services

AESA Prep International provides superior and customizable academic services and solutions to partners around the globe. The cornerstone of API’s partnership services and what makes us unique is our pursuit to provide truly customizable and flexible academic solutions and accredited content to our partners. API can create academic solutions for an entire organization and/or even very specific solutions tailored to a specific student. Whether you are a large sports academy, a ballet company, an unaccredited school needing accredited curricula, or an international school wishing to provide an American diploma/dual diploma; API can meet the specific needs of your organization. Your students can even enroll part-time to supplement their current educational program, or we can help you design a blended learning program to offer your students a complete educational package as full-time AESA students.

Schools & Partnerships

Let us provide the academic solution for your organization with accredited and flexible service

AESA Prep International is AdvancED accredited and NCAA approved; meaning we are not just another "diploma mill" but rather a legitimate and globally recognized educational institution.

Contact us to for a free consultation and find out how AESA Prep International can be your academic solution!

Accredited Cognia


API can provide educational services at a discounted and flexible group rate for organizations with multiple students. API can still provide very tailored academic solutions to specific individuals of a group and API can also enroll part-time students to supplement their current education program. Contact us to learn more about group services and discounted group rates!


A blended-learning program utilizes the best aspects of both traditional "brick-and-mortar" and online education. API can help create a blended-learning program for your organization. Contact us to learn more about for how API blended-learning programs work and how it will take your organization to the next level!

Student Services

API students are also provided crucial services that other online schools simply cannot. Each student has access to a personal academic advisor, a college-admissions advisor, and a scholarship acquisition advisor. Students receive top of the line test prep for SAT, ACT, or TOEFL and have access to personal tutorial services!

They’re Saying

"It truly has been a pleasure to work with AESA Prep International. The leadership team is professional, reliable, capable, timely, and easy to work with. They [API] make me and my academy feel like we are their top priority. Their [API] dedication to cater to our organization’s specific needs and individual players' needs is truly incredible. Our players love the courses, easy to use interface, and the student services that are provided to each one of them. It is incredible the test prep for U.S. college entrance examinations like the SAT and the TOEFL that they provide, and the simple know-how of the college admissions process. They have helped our players attend their dream colleges and the feedback from our families has been incredible too. Partnering with AESA Prep International has been a game changer for us!"

Jordi Estera
Director of ESEI International Business School Barcelona

Schools & Partnerships

Take an Inside Look at the Barcelona
Blended Learning Program

Student athletes abound in Barcelona! The city’s wonderful climate and rich athletic tradition attract many top athletes from around the world. AESA Prep International has partnered with IMSE to offer student athletes an alternative education, designed specifically to fit their busy schedule and prepare them for university. We currently offer blended learning programs at two locations in the Barcelona area: Bruguera Tennis Academy and ESEI International Business School. In these blended learning programs, students enroll in AESA’s online school, but they also attend classes with teachers who provide instruction, monitoring, and support to help students excel in their online coursework and complete it on schedule.

These blended learning programs offer student athletes an alternative education that combines quality and flexibility. The programs maintain a low student to teacher ratio to enable instructors to provide students with additional attention and support. The academic schedule affords student athletes the time they need for daily training. We also understand that students will need to miss class for tournaments and competitions, and they are not punished for this. We believe student athletes should not have to compromise the quality of their education for their athletic pursuits. That’s why we’ve developed these unique programs for student athletes in Barcelona, and tailored it to meet their needs.

We also provide a wide range of student services to all students, such as orientation, academic counseling, and university admissions advising. We can also coordinate specialized services to students in this program, such as SAT, ACT, and TOEFL test preparation, scholarship scouting, and private tutoring lessons.

Schools & Partnerships