Partner with AESA Prep International (API) to provide an academic solution for your student scholars, athletes and artists!

API is devoted to establishing a customized, supportive, world-class education experience. We are proud to offer flexibility in a dynamic online environment that upholds the highest quality curriculum.  API is easy to work with and aims to help each organization and student cultivate the most advantageous scholastic structure. If your students need more flexibility with their education, we can help you design a custom program that fits your specific needs. Your students can enroll part-time to supplement their current educational program, or we can help you design a blended learning program to offer your students a complete educational package as full-time API students.

Our educational philosophy is built on the belief that students should not have to sacrifice a great education to pursue their passion. For example, many of our students are high-level athletes, because our model allows them the flexibility they need to learn, train, and compete. If your athletic academy is still searching for the ultimate solution to your academic needs, please contact us today. We will listen to your needs and offer a customized program that is right for you.

To see an example of one of our partner’s blended learning programs, please click here to learn about our program in Barcelona, Spain.

ESEI University:

Marcet Soccer Academy in Barcelona:

Brugera Tennis Academy outside of Barcelona: