Educational Philosophy

At AESA Prep International (API) we believe that a top-notch academic program and a flexible schedule that allows for a balanced lifestyle are not mutually exclusive, but the wave of the future! AESA Prep International has cultivated a first-class educational program that offers the freedom to plan around your busy extracurricular life. There is no longer the need to sacrifice a high level of education for the most common advantage of online learning: the freedom of having more time. AESA Prep International provides students with cutting-edge academics that include engaging lessons relevant to the real-world while meeting all requirements set forth by the NCAA and AdvancED, our accreditation organization. AESA Prep International makes learning enjoyable while maintaining enriched coursework that truly prepares students for university studies.

Students may take individual courses from API or they may graduate from API with a recommended or distinguished diploma.

API provides each student with personalized attention from our team of certified instructors, so they get the most out of their education. Frequent and valuable communication is key for student success. That is why the API family includes certified teaching experts that act not only as teachers, but mentors invested in the future of the student. These qualities are part of what truly make API stand out above the rest. Online schools inherently provide flexibility, but often lack in quality and communication. Our unique curriculum is reinforced by consistent communication from knowledgeable, caring instructors.

AESA Prep International mirrors our sister school, AESA Prep Academy (AESA) which is an AdvancED accredited, NCAA approved, private college-prep school located in Austin, Texas, USA.  The academics at AESA Prep International reflect the same unrivaled quality. Our hand-crafted curriculum was designed by a team of experts who are highly qualified, not only in their respective subject, but in providing a modernized digital educational. We believe in application-based learning that instills creative thinking and logical problem solving skills required for success in today’s universities and the business world.