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AESA Prep International personalizes each student’s schedule to meet academic requirements and support their extracurricular schedule.

Please note that these are samples only – your student’s schedule will be specific to their individual needs!

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Please note that AESA Prep International (API) is an online school that offers 2 types of enrollment, asynchronous enrollment as well as two semester enrollment.

Most of our students enroll in our courses full-time, taking 4 core courses and at least 2 credits worth of electives during each academic year. To help students stay organized and on schedule, each of our courses contains a “course completion checklist,” that outlines all the required coursework in a bulleted list. We recommend that students with a full

schedule complete at least one lesson per week in each of their courses. AESA Prep International’s faculty and staff carefully monitor student progress, and notify students and their parents if a student’s progress stalls.

Regular communication with students and parents is one of the most fundamental pieces of API’s educational approach. We keep students and parents informed of student progress and performance on an ongoing basis throughout the semester. Qualified teachers communicate with students directly and frequently throughout the course to provide

additional instruction, feedback, and support.

In accordance with NCAA standards, all our courses are “comparable in length, content and rigor to courses taught in a traditional classroom setting.” To be precise, our curriculum mirrors that of our sister, brick-and-mortar school, AESA Prep Academy in Austin, Texas.

All our courses have a definite time period for completion—limited to five months per semester for students enrolled full-time. One-month extensions are only granted based on

extenuating circumstances, at the discretion of the Head of School. Students are not allowed to complete courses in a short period of time. Students are not allowed to complete

a semester-long course in fewer than 2.5 months.

Office hours for students are based on a mirrored morning/afternoon schedule that allows athletes to dedicate a large block of time to practice while leaving the opportunity to meet with each course instructor. Core course time blocks occur Monday through Thursday while global language and elective time blocks occur on Fridays. Days and times are based on a rotating system to accommodate for instructors that teach multiple grade levels of the same subject.