Graduation Requirements

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To receive a recommended diploma from AESA Prep International (API), students must complete at least 26 credits, in core courses, other required courses and electives. According to API’s accreditation organization, AdvancEd, SACS region, this diploma also meets the requirements of the Texas Education Agency. As the school’s office is housed in Austin, Texas, we follow their graduation guidelines at the highest level.

Core Courses

The required core courses fall into one of four core subjects: English/Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Science. They follow a sequence and each course is tied to a specific grade level. Each core course is divided into two semesters; students earn one credit for successful completion of both semesters. The only exception is the 12th grade Social Studies credit, which is satisfied when a student completes Government and Economics, which are each one semester long and therefore worth one half credit each.

Other Required Coursework

Other requirements for graduation include two credits in Physical Education, two sequential credits in the same world language, one credit in the Fine Arts, one credit in Health and Nutrition, and a half-credit in Communication. Physical Education is satisfied by successful completion of four semesters of P.E. To satisfy the World Languages requirement, students must complete 2 credits in the same language; for example they cannot take French 1 and Spanish 1. To satisfy the Fine Arts credit, students must complete World Music and Art Appreciation. Completing one semester of Health and one semester of Nutrition satisfies the Health/Nutrition requirement. The Communication credit is fulfilled by completion of Speech.

Special Circumstances:

Transferring Credit: If a student transfers to API from an accredited school, API administration will review the student’s transcript and award credit where possible. Please note: to graduate with a diploma from API, students must complete at least 25% of the required credits at API and attend API for 12th grade.

Athletes and Artists: Student athletes and artists may be able to waive up to three credits of Physical Education if they meet minimum training and competition requirements. Similarly, student artists can waive their Fine Arts credit if they meet minimum training and performance requirements. This privilege is only reserved for student athletes and artists who train, compete, and/or perform at the highest level. It requires further verification by API administration and each case is evaluated on an individual basis.

Native Speakers of Foreign Languages: Native speakers of a language other than English may be able to waive their World Language requirement. Although, this may not be advisable, depending on the student’s post-graduation plans. API counselors will advise students accordingly.

9th Grade Required Courses

  • English I – 1 credit
  • Algebra I – 1 credit
  • World Geography – 1 credit
  • Biology – 1 credit

10th Grade Required Courses

  • English II – 1 credit
  • Geometry – 1 credit
  • World History – 1 credit
  • Chemistry – 1 credit

11th Grade Required Courses

  • English III – 1 credit
  • Algebra II – 1 credit
  • US History – 1 credit
  • Physics – 1 credit

12th Grade Required Courses

  • English IV – 1 credit
  • Pre-Calculus – 1 credit
  • Government – 0.5 credit
  • Economics – 0.5 credit
  • Environmental Science – 1 credit

Other Required Credits

  • Physical Education – 2 credits
  • Language Other than English – 2 credits
  • Fine Arts – 1 credits
  • Health – 0.5 credit
  • Nutrition – 0.5 credit
  • Speech – 0.5 credit


  • Astronomy – 0.5 Credit
  • Art Appreciation – 0.5 Credit
  • Business and Consumer Math – 0.5 Credit
  • Creative Writing – 0.5 Credit
  • Journalism – 0.5 Credit
  • Psychology – 0.5 Credit
  • Statistics – 0.5 Credit
  • World Cultures – 0.5 Credit
  • World Music – 0.5 Credit