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AESA Prep International is a SACS accredited school that provides individualized online instruction, enabling students world-wide to achieve academic excellence. With small class sizes and personalized instruction provided through dedicated teachers, AESA Prep International provides a learning experience far superior to that offered by other online schools.

AESA Prep International’s courses engage our students in an engaging learning management system that is powerful and easy to use. We utilize a variety of media to make our courses interesting and inspiring for our students.

Our academics are rigorous and provide students with a solid foundation of knowledge. AESA courses also help students develop the time-management, organizational, and study skills required to succeed in collegiate academics and the professional world. Our courses stress written and cross-cultural communication skills. All coursework emphasizes critical thinking, creative thinking, and inquiry.

All AESA courses are based upon national standards set forth by the subject area US National Academies, such as the United States National Council for Mathematics Teachers. Our courses also include information within the body of the curriculum that would prepare students for the SAT and the ACT. We also use the Excellence in Writing Institute curriculum for the writing component in our English classes.