Advisory Board

AESA Prep International’s advisory board brings a diverse and dynamic set of skills and expertise to support the school. The board members will meet as a group once per year but individually support AESA throughout the year on an as-needed basis.

Currently, the board consists of the following members.

Chris Kuryak

Chris Kuryak is a Senior Engineer at Dell. He holds a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and has also worked in a variety of interesting and challenging professional positions outside engineering. We hired Chris on a short-term contract to help us organize and manage several projects at AESA. He proved to be a capable project manager and we were all impressed with his problem-solving skills. After his contract ended, we enthusiastically asked him to serve on our advisory board.

Jordi Estera

Jordi Estera is a former tennis professional from Barcelona who now serves as Director of ESEI International Business School. He has helped AESA establish many professional connections in Barcelona’s athletic community and recruit student athletes to our school. His support is crucial to AESA’s efforts to recruit student athletes in Barcelona.

Randy Palmatier

Randy Palmatier has decades of experience working in education and we are thankful he offers his expertise to improve AESA’s academic programs at the physical and online schools. His wife, Caro Palmatier, has taught mathematics at AESA Prep Academy since the school’s founding. We are very happy Randy has extended his support to AESA Prep International.